Emerson-Prew Insurance


At Emerson-Prew, products and services are all designed around you. We have access to virtually every respected, financially sound insurance company in the world, including specialty insurance companies.  Emerson-Prew’s licensed Agents, licensed Insurance Consultants, and Client Service Representatives will individually assess your risks and needs to provide you with accurately quoted insurance and financial products, which minimize your risks and secure your future. The insurance and financial products offering you the security and protection you require are clearly explained and outlined, enabling you to make an educated and informed decision. Whether we are providing technical risk management services and corporate insurance protection, complete benefit plans for your employees including key employee protection, or coverage for your family autos, home, boat or other personal vehicles, at Emerson-Prew, it is all about what is best for you.



Are you seeking knowledgeable support for your commercial risk management and commercial insurance needs?  Would you not love a trusted associate to relieve your insurance and risk management burdens?  Emerson-Prew’s experts will work with you to recommend and implement risk management strategies, which protect your business, minimize losses and ultimately, reduce your costs. Our wide array of product offerings include often overlooked exposures to loss, like personal and professional liability protection, kidnap & ransom, emergency repatriation, fiduciary liability, and excess side directors’ & officers’ liability.



Are you seeking knowledgeable advice for your commercial or personal financial planning? Would you not love a trusted associate to provide you with an honest assessment vs. a high-pressure sales job? Emerson-Prew’s experts are trained to protect your financial future from loss of a critical employee or spouse. Emerson-Prew life insurance experts can assist you with Corporate Buy-Sell agreements, Corporate Incentive plans, and Executive Life Insurance plans, plus assist families with their Life Insurance planning, all of which protect the financial futures of your employees, your families and you.



Are you seeking knowledgeable support for insuring your home, auto, boat and other personal vehicles? Would you not love a trusted associate to relieve your worries of properly insuring your personal assets? Emerson-Prew’s experts will work with you to insure all your valuable possessions, which require financial protection. We also provide group auto and homeowner insurance programs for your company, association or club.